TLViz — Visualising and analysing component models

Illustration of figures made with TLViz

TLViz, short for TensorLy-Viz, is a Python package that helps you inspect your component models with insightful analysis and beautiful visualisations! It is designed around the TensorLy API for PARAFAC/CP decompositions to fit seamlessly into your data analysis workflow. With TLViz, you can combine metadata xarray DataArrays and Pandas DataFrames with your extracted factor matrices, turning them into rich DataFrames with meaningful indices. To get started, take a look at the Gallery of examples or the API Reference.

Illustration of a CP tensor

Illustration of a PARAFAC/CP model and how such models are represented by TensorLy and TLViz. See What are tensors and tensor decompositions? for more information.

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