cp_permute_factors(ref_cp_tensor, tensors_to_permute)[source]

Compares factors of a reference cp tensor with factors of other another tensor (or list of tensor) in order to match component order. Permutation occurs on the columns of factors, minimizing the cosine distance to reference cp tensor with scipy Linear Sum Assignment method. The permuted tensor (or list of tensors) and list of permutation for each permuted tensors are returned.

ref_cp_tensorcp tensor

The tensor that serves as a reference for permutation.

tensors_to_permutecp tensor or list of cp tensors

The tensors to permute so that the order of components match the reference tensor. Number of components must match.

permuted_tensorspermuted cp tensor or list of cp tensors

list of permuted indices. Lenght is equal to rank of cp_tensors.