multi_mode_dot(tensor, matrix_or_vec_list, modes=None, skip=None, transpose=False)[source]

n-mode product of a tensor and several matrices or vectors over several modes


tensor : ndarray

matrix_or_vec_list : list of matrices or vectors of length tensor.ndim

skip : None or int, optional, default is None

if not None, index of a matrix to skip Note that in any case, modes, if provided, should have a length of tensor.ndim

modes : None or int list, optional, default is None

transpose : bool, optional, default is False

if True, the matrices or vectors in in the list are transposed (the conjugate is used for complex tensors)



tensor times each matrix or vector in the list at mode mode

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If no modes are specified, just assumes there is one matrix or vector per mode and returns:

\text{tensor  }\times_0 \text{ matrix or vec list[0] }\times_1 \cdots \times_n \text{ matrix or vec list[n] }