svd_decompress_parafac2_tensor(parafac2_tensor, loading_matrices)[source]

Decompress the factors obtained by fitting PARAFAC2 on SVD-compressed data

Decompress a PARAFAC2 decomposition that describes the compressed data so that it models the original uncompressed data. Fitting to compressed data, and then decompressing is mathematically equivalent to fitting to the uncompressed data.

See svd_compress_tensor_slices for information about SVD-compression and decompression.


To decompress the data, we left-multiply the loading-matrices into the \(B_i\)-matrices. However, \(B_i = P_i B\), so the decompression is implemented by left-multiplying the loading matrices by the \(P_i\)-matrices.

parafac2_tensor: tl.Parafac2Tensor

A decomposition obtained from fitting a PARAFAC2 model to compressed data

loading_matrices: list of matrices

Loading matrices obtained when compressing the data. See svd_compress_tensor_slices for more information.


Decompressed PARAFAC2 decomposition - equivalent to the decomposition we would get from fitting parafac2 to uncompressed data.