tensor_ring(input_tensor, rank, mode=0, svd='truncated_svd', verbose=False)[source]

Tensor Ring decomposition via recursive SVD

Decomposes input_tensor into a sequence of order-3 tensors (factors) [1].

rankUnion[int, List[int]]

maximum allowable TR rank of the factors if int, then this is the same for all the factors if int list, then rank[k] is the rank of the kth factor

modeint, default is 0

index of the first factor to compute

svdstr, default is ‘truncated_svd’

function to use to compute the SVD, acceptable values in tensorly.SVD_FUNS

verboseboolean, optional

level of verbosity

factorsTR factors

order-3 tensors of the TR decomposition



Qibin Zhao et al. “Tensor Ring Decomposition” arXiv preprint arXiv:1606.05535, (2016).