Loads Indian pines hyperspectral data from tensorly datasets and returns it as a bunch. This dataset could be useful for non-negative constrained decomposition methods and classification/segmentation applications with the available ground truth in http://www.ehu.eus/ccwintco/uploads/c/c4/Indian_pines_gt.mat. The data itself can be downloaded at “http://www.ehu.eus/ccwintco/uploads/6/67/Indian_pines_corrected.mat”.



Baumgardner, M. F., Biehl, L. L., Landgrebe, D. A. (2015). 220 Band AVIRIS Hyperspectral Image Data Set: June 12, 1992 Indian Pine Test Site 3. Purdue University Research Repository. doi:10.4231/R7RX991C