Installing tensorly-Torch


You will need to have Python 3 installed, as well as NumPy, Scipy and TensorLy. If you are starting with Python or generally want a pain-free experience, I recommend you install the Anaconda distribiution. It comes with all you need shipped-in and ready to use!

Cloning the github repository

Clone the repository and cd there:

git clone
cd tensorly-torch

Then install the package (here in editable mode with -e or equivalently –editable:

pip install -e .

Running the tests

Uni-testing is an vital part of this package. You can run all the tests using pytest:

pip install pytest
pytest tltorch

Building the documentation

You will need to install slimit and minify:

pip install slimit rcssmin

You are now ready to build the doc (here in html):

make html

The results will be in _build/html