Getting the requirements

We recommend you get the latest version of TensorLy and TensorLy-Torch directly from Github. Alternatively, you can directly get the requirements with pip:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Installing from source

The recommended way to install TensorLy-Quantum is from source: first clone the repository and cd there:

git clone
cd quantum

Then install the package (here in editable mode with -e or equivalently –editable:

pip install -e .

Installing from pip

Alternatively, you can direclty get TensorLy-Quantum direclty from pypi:

pip install tensorly-quantum

Testing that the package was correctly installed. First open a python interpreter:


Then check that you can import tensorly-quantum and verify you have the correct version:

>>> import tlquantum
>>> print(tlquantum.__version__)

Making the documentation

Our documentation is built with sphinx, you can make it easily. Once you’re in the tensorly-quantum repository folder (see install from source, above):

cd doc
pip install -r requirements_doc.txt
make html